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3M Preferred Installer

by Kristin Lanzarone     on     Friday, 17-Sep-2021

WrapStar Pro is officially 3M Preferred installer in both Fleet Graphics & Windows, Walls and Floors. This past week Kristin Lanzarone, owner of WrapStar Pro, took a few days to knock out the 3M preferred installers training and certification program in Southern California hosted by Wrapix Academy. With majority of 2020 down for COVID-19 global pandemic, any 3M training was postponed till regulations were lifted. As we rolled into 2021 with lighter restrictions, Kristin quickly jumped into the September training to earn both badges in Vehicle Fleet & Windows, Walls and Floors. Being the first time to ever step foot into Adam Sumner's training facility, Kristin felt comfortable with the professional layout of the facility and was ready to knock these badges out. "Adam is an incredible trainer and individual. It was an honor to be able to meet and get to know Adam more during the program. I look forward to future projects together." stated Kristin. 
At this current time of the year, WrapStar Pro is extremely busy with fleet work and down an installer. Being the timing of things, Kristin brought on PG NOLA's Kevin Kempf to help knock some jobs out while she was earning her badges in SoCal. Mr. Kempf has been on a #WrapTour2021 since the hit of hurricane Ida affecting the areas of New Orleans, Louisiana. At the perfect timing of things, the Professa himself, was planning a stop in California which led to making an additional stop at WrapStar Pro. "I consider Kevin Kempf an industry legend. Therefore, I'm super grateful to have such an incredible industry professional to help me out while I was at Sumner's training to keep my shop flowing for the week." said Kristin. 
3M preferred installer in Windows, Walls, Floors & Fleet Graphics training and certification program teaches experienced installers the broad range of installation approaches on applications. The training improves the installers proficiency and ensures the applications exceed customers expectations. At the end of the three day training, installers are tested for Windows, Walls and floors and/or Fleet accreditations. Passing both tests confers the titles of 3M Fleet Graphics Preferred Installer and 3M Windows, Walls & Floors Preferred Installer, which the certified installer is listed on the 3M installer locator. The 3M Preferred Installers test is intended for experienced professional installers, with on the job experience in multiple full graphic wrap installations. The test is performance based and it consist of hands on and written portions, it is very rigorous test and isn't suitable for the rookies. It's designed to evaluate the installers skills and knowledge in a variety of installation situations. The hands on test are judges critically and must show quality work and achieve high scores. Imperfections and errors such as wrinkles, bubbles etc. result in deductions on the installers score. Installers are also expected to use the appropriate installation tools for each application, including proper squeegees, rollers, brushes etc.