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New Wrap School

by Christina Green, Signs of The Times Magazine     on     Friday, 29-Jul-2022

Kristin Lanzarone-Scribner trains the next gen of installation pros with a new universal facility.

WrapStar Pro Owner (Sacramento, CA) and Operator Kristin Lanzarone-Scribner is on a mission to help both advanced and up-and-coming installers thrive. Her newly launched universal training facility, WrapStar University, offers a place where installers can receive certifications and hands-on experience — and one that can serve all organizations, brands, manufacturers and reps.

Here’s the full interview with Kristin (KLS below), whose “New School” serves as the basis for our most recent Prints and Wraps column (see ST August 2022, page 42).

ST: Hands-on training for people who want to break into the industry is difficult to come by. Why did you decide to start WrapStar University? And why is a facility specializing in pressure-sensitive adhesives particularly important?

KLS: As a business owner in the wide format print and installation business, it’s a daily struggle finding installers and good quality ones without bad habits. For me, I love to help people and help them thrive. This is how I decided I need to help the industry by forming a training facility that can not only train and certify advanced installers, but be a place for new, upcoming installers in our industry.

[The goal is to bring] awareness to the beginners as well as into other forms of education like high schools, junior colleges and other trade schools. By no means do I want to compete with the top brands and organizations. That is not my purpose. If anything, my grassroots trainings will bring them their future customers. This is why I’m not associated with one brand or manufacturer, etc. This is a universal training facility that can house education and certification for all organizations, brands, manufacturers and reps. 

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