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Women in Print Alliance

by Kristin scribner     on     Thursday, 10-Jan-2019

WrapStar Pro owner, Kristin Lanzarone-Scribner, was nominated to join the newest alliance within the SGIA organization, Women in Print Alliance. The Alliance is made up of 17 female members with a vast variety of print community backgrounds from all over The United States. Kristin sits on the alliance representing as a small business owner in the vehicle wrap installation and wide format printing part of the print industry. 

"It’s such an honor to be nominated on the SGIA Women in Print Alliance committee. We have an amazing group of successful business women from the print community that I can’t wait to watch this alliance flourish as well as be an active member of this wonderful alliance." said Kristin Lanzarone-Scribner. 

The Women in Print Alliance purpose is to attract, connect and empower women in the print community so they have every opportunity to excel! The 17 members will come together to help empower and motivate women in the idustry by continuing to do the popular alliance identity, The Women in Print Breakfast hosted at the SGIA Expo, as well as provide workshops, seminars and more in the future.