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Launching WrapStar University

by Kristin Lanzarone     on     Sunday, 12-Jun-2022

Today was the official launch of WrapStar University hosting Day 1 of PDAA Architectural- Windows, Walls & Floors. The first of 3 back to back training/cert events for the next 12 days.
This has been a 5 year long dream and as I kept telling myself to trust the timing, that it will all fall into its place as it should.
There are some amazing souls who have contributed to helping me build this universal training facility, specializing in pressure sensitive adhesives. These individuals I am forever grateful for all of their support and believing in me during this build.
My mom Sandy Armstrong & my son Velocé for dealing with my long hours and supporting this madness. Jeff Burkholder for stepping up and assisting with my unique builds. Ashley Mignani for being an amazing helping hand mirroring my DIY energy, my support, my rock and keeping me up when I felt weak and tired. My soul sister, Angela Kelly, for jumping in and helping me with anything and everything I needed assistance for, even if it was just cleaning my shop toilets. My Uncle for stepping up and building the best HPL walls, columns, elevator panels and other small needs for resurfacing films at 3M DiNoc specs. My employees for being patient and trusting my vision. My immediate friends and family who supported me from afar and understood what I was doing when I didn’t return calls or respond to messages. My clients for believing in me, my work and for being patient.
Those in the industry who believed in me when I was a nobody, supported my dream and continued to push me through this vision. Arlon’s Ritchie Daize as well as Madi & Nicole Devaud, Printing United PDAA’s Ray Weiss & James Martin, Rob Ivers, Get Graphic Chad Munroe, 3M’s Roxanne Hoffman & Scott Roth, retired Fellers Rep Jane Annin, PGNOLA Kevin Kempf, Orafol’s Joshua Culverhouse, Avery’s Joanna Havey & Tamara Baumann, Big Picture Magazine’s Adrienne Palmer, Grimco’s Kiera, Glantz’s Janet Weaver, Mag Strapz Dan Bulat, YelloTools & Sign Maker Tools.
Last but not least and always on top is our God. He made impossible doors open and opportunities become reality. With God all things are possible.
Now let’s start training the next wave of installers for this industry! 🤩🙌🏽