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WrapStar Pro is PDAA Master Certified Installer

by Kristin Lanzarone- Scribner     on     Friday, 18-May-2018


Last month WrapStar Pro took the graphic installation business to the next level by successfully completing the PDAA Master Certification Test. The National certification of the PDAA Master Certified is a recognized program in installation excellence. It requires proven proficiency and demonstrates WrapStar Pro can do any installation job with confidence. Certification means joining a group of graphic installers who have achieved the highest degree of industry recognition and prowess. The certification is granted to graphic installers who have achieved industry recognition and expertise. WrapStar Pro had to pass the written and hands on tests that are designed for installers to demonstrate their graphic installation knowledge and proficiency. 

When Kristin Lanzarone-Scribner, the owner, began the certification test with two days of hands on training with legend Rob Ivers, she blew them away with her installation knowledge and experience. Coming from an individual who has never taken a min of training and has self studied vinyl by understanding how to finesse the material over time through experience. One particular task, which is every installers fear, when it comes to window knock outs on commercial vans is always a challenge on which technique is best preferred. Kristin successfully tried every technique that was taught, however, there is one technique that is extremely challenging and isn't recommended for the rookies. Rob Ivers set Kristin up for a challenge and she took it in full force. Rob told Kristin that he has only had one person successfully be able to perform this challenging technique and have the install come out flawlessly. Kristin performed the challenge and came out on top with a flawless install. Rob was blown away. He then questioned her if she would be performing this technique on the Master Certification test. Kristin told him absolutely! Kristin did just that for the Master Certification Test and performed another flawless install with no stretching or distortion of the graphic from stretching. Upon completion of the full Master Certification testing, Rob told Kristin she was bow one of two individuals to ever compete that task in the testing program and come out flawless. With that being said Kristin is the first female ever to perform this technique in the Master Certification Test.