WrapStar U

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WrapStar University is a universal training facility built to train and certify the next wave of installers in Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. WrapStar U will host trainings & certifications for Vehicle Fleet wraps, Color Change Wraps, Architectural Windows, Walls & Floors, Architectural Resurfacing films, Window films & tinting, Paint Protection Films, Ceramic Coatings etc. WrapStar U is not associated to one brand or organization. We want to be able to educate installers about all film brands and their special unique applications to their specific technologies. With this, installers can leave our training facility with a wealth of knowledge as well as be qualified certified installers. WrapStar University is a certified Printing United PDAA Facility. 



September 7th-9th- PDAA Resurfacing & 3M Di-NOC Training & Certification **
September 14th-16th- PDAA Vehicle Fleet & Arlon Advanced Training & Certification **
September 18th-20th- PDAA Windows, Walls & Floors & Orafol Architectural Training & Certification
September 21st-23rd- PDAA Vehicle Fleet & Orafol Training & Certification **



June 12th-14th- PDAA Windows, Walls & Floors & Flexcon Training & Certification
June 15th-17th- PDAA Vehicle Fleet & Arlon Advanced Training & Certification **
June 20th-22nd- PDAA Resurfacing & 3M Di-NOC Training & Certification **


** Are Double Badge Certifications.